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Residents of condominiums around the big cities are usually active, vibrant, fast-forward and dynamic. They’re always on the go that’s why they work so hard. They work hard for themselves and their love ones. They deserve to be pampered as well, including their families. What better way to do this than to offer them all the facilities and amenities that a comfortable life entails – something that they can enjoy and at the same time offer them a time away from all the worries of everyday living. 

For a start, KENSINGTON Place has a recreational area intended for all their residents. This is the place where they can de-stress, relax and re-charge. Bond with your love ones as you spend your time here, especially when you’re off from the daily grind.  Maximize your day-offs during weekends and holidays so you would have enough time to just live in the moments.  Along with this, several multi-purpose function rooms are available for use. Mind you, these are not just regular rooms as they’re located at the rooftop. Lovely views, so airy and a special place indeed! Whenever there are special events or milestones, like birthdays, baptismal parties, wedding showers, graduations or promotions – you can celebrate in style just within the confines of your own home. It is literally just a few steps from where you live so no need to go out of the property – saves you time, money and effort.

For those who want a good dose of fun, there’s a swimming pool – both for adults and kids. Bask in the morning sun as you read a book, sip your favorite drinks or just plainly frolic  in water. Schedule swimming parties with family and friends. Enjoy the pool especially during those hot days. What’s more – there’s a poolside bar where you can choose your own drinks and just enjoy the day away. There is also a shower room and changing clothes area  for your convenience. The best part of this is that as you swim and indulge, you can get refreshing views overlooking Rizal Drive at BGC. How cool and lovely is that? 

For those who need to relax and indulge – sauna and steam room facilities will be waiting for you. Calm your mind and senses here. Rejuvenate and stay relaxed as you unwind and forget all the day’s worries.  Or you may opt to run, walk or jog in the mornings or late evenings for your daily exercise, especially for the health buffs. Encourage your love ones to do morning jogs with you and bond with them everyday. It’s surely a great way to start off your days. As you walk or jog, savor the refreshing surroundings around you. The landscaped gardens will enthrall and keep you as serene and at peace. The greens all over the place will add a certain kind of tranquility to your busy, stressful and hurried life. 

Of course, the gym rats will welcome the news that there’s a gym club where they can do their daily workouts. They need not go out of their homes as it is made available right here. It is an advantage as it saves you time and effort. Truly, a great and convenient way to be fit, active and healthy. 

As an addition – commercial spaces will be made available and for lease, just in case, you are interested to also have business on the side. This also means life’s conveniences will be nearby so no need to step out of the property to do the usual errands and get the basic necessities. See how very comforting to live here – such a happy, warm, cozy and convenient place with almost everything you need.  

  • Gym
  • Sauna
  • Playground
  • Swimming Pool
  • 24-hour Security
  • Function Rooms
  • Small Pets Allowed
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