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G & W Architects : Kensington Place For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio ₱ 4,000,000 30 sqm
2 Bedroom ₱ 9,000,000 68 sqm
4 Bedroom ₱ 19,500,000 146 sqm

If you are a young entrepreneur or professional or maybe a couple starting to have your own  family, you need to check this property out.  KENSINGTON PLACE is a special place designed for people who want a luxurious type of living yet can still enjoy the simple things in life. The neighborhood is radiant and fresh with the open spaces and greens around. The facilities and amenities they offer are guaranteed to give you that pampering, relaxation and fun times to bond with your family and friends. The location is strategic and ideal so when you are working around this place, you can just even walk to your office. Isn’t that great?  Cost free, indeed.  

Meanwhile, the interiors of the home/unit are carefully designed and elegantly furnished. Space planning is tastefully done so there are enough open spaces so you can always move about in your home freely. 

When you think about your life and your future with love ones, you make sure you give them only the BEST. A home, which is quite perfect in many ways like KENSINGTON PLACE and a neighborhood, that’s as wonderful as BGC seems a good choice.  Owning a unit here will be a wise, timely and judicious investment. All your hard-earned money and savings would certainly be put to a good purpose and investment. After all, this property will appreciate over the next years.  

Life is what we make it. Either we live in the moment or we let these moments pass up on us. Everyday at KENSINGTON PLACE  - you will be treated to breathtaking views of the famous Manila’s sunrise and sunset with the backdrop of the BGC skyline. Or you may also take views of the wide expanse of the Manila Golf Club course of greens in the mornings and all the small, bright lights at nights. Isn’t that enough good reasons why you and your love ones should be here?  Life is beautiful and we want it to be that way --- everyday!  

What better way to embrace life, celebrate and enjoy it to the hilt to begin from the day you wake up till you get to sleep at night?  Pursue passions and do what you love most. Somewhere in between is a home where you find solace and happiness. You are loved and cared for in your own home much the same way that you give your love and care back to the people who matter most to you. A dream home to provide a place to nurture that love and happiness is simply the best gift you can give them in your lifetime.  

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